I can see the headlines now

"Bama Biker Gang Takes Over Kenai, Makes Residents Eat Grits"

The Alaska State H.O.G. Rally will be held June 10-12, 2010 in Kenai, AK. Registration deadline is April 22, 2010. A good resource for the Alaska Highway and the Highways in Alaska is the Milepost published each year since 1949. Watch out for rival Amish and Alien bikers.

One comment on the side trip to Coldfoot, AK and photo op at the Arctic Circle. The summer solstice is experienced differently in Alabama than from north of the Arctic Circle in Alaska. Remember you will have been on the road for a week when you cross the Arctic Circle. By then you will have lost your orientation with regards to the day of the week. You won't know if today is a weekday or on the weekend unless you consciously think about it. Add in 24 hours of daylight. You won't know if it is 11 AM or 1 AM.  Now throw in the freedom and adrenaline rush of a motorcycle on a lonesome highway. You will be without by any of the markers of reality you normally use to orient yourself with such as dawn, dusk, cars, trucks, highway signs, etc. You will be in a completely unfamiliar (to you) place in the time/space continuum. You will feel as tho you have completely thrown off the shackles of work-a-day reality!

Take time and review the Crossing the Border FAQ. Be aware that Canadian firearm laws are very strict and vigioursly enforced. Note: persons with felony and/or DUI convictions can be refused entry. Proof of Canadian insurance for motor vehicles is required.

Statistically June is the dryest month in Alaska. It is also the shoulder of the tourist season. In July and August the Alaska Highway will have quite a few slow moving RVs to share resources with. Major cities are between 300 and 400 miles apart. Every 100 miles or so between cities are Ma and Pa trading posts that cater to tourists. They offer only regular gasoline and desiel fuel. For those with high compression pistons, cities offer Name Brand Stations with high octane. One can also find octane boost there for use when refueling with regular at the Ma and Pa stations. During the height of the summer tourist season it is not uncommon for a Ma and Pa station to be temporarily out-of-gas after being sucked dry by the many convoys of RVs. Not to worry a tanker truck should be by in a day or so to refill their underground tanks. Another possibility would be to siphon fuel from one of the wrecks that litter the sholders of the roads...

Read the write up of my 2004 trip from Key West, FL to Happy Valley, AK


Leave Athens, AL on the morning of saturday 5 June and arrive in Kenia, AK the evening of Thursday 10 June.

  1. June. 725 miles
  2. June. 860 miles
  3. June. 725 miles
  4. June. 680 miles
  5. June. 760 miles
  6. June. 430 miles
  7. June. Party
  8. June. Sober up quickly when you realize its 4,239 miles home

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