Last Frontier M/C
Pig Roast and Poker Run

I rolled into Wasilla, AK in search of the Last Frontier M/C Pig Roast excactly on schedule. Only then did I realize I had neglected to bring any directions or contact phone numbers. I had ridden over forty two hundred miles in five and a half days to make this BBQ. I was on time and yet didn't have clue as to where it was being held.

What I did print out said the BBQ is 3 miles from Hartley Motors. I found that dealer but they were closed. I also read that Alaska Leather was open late. Happily my cell phone could find a tower it liked and I called up Barb at Alaska Leather. After several calls she was able to find directions for me. I was expecting maybe twenty bikes to be there max. I wasn't expecting what I saw when I turned into Roger's driveway. I figured that I had made a mistake and was about to crash some biker party held by Wheeldog Trucking. So I quickly mashed redial and talked to Barb one last time. She quited my concerns and assured me that I had indeed found the correct biker bash.

I wasted no time in finding something to eat. After eating I ejoyed talking about motorcycles with my new friends

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