Examine the generated map. Click on a marker for local weather, brand and phone number. Customize by clicking on checkboxes to select or deselect stops, as desired.

Take your time quicklySM

This planner is designed to aid you in your attempt at the Iron Butt Association's 50cc Quest certification. First generate a map with suggested gas stops. Next hand-select the gas stops to suite your individual preferences. Finaly, download the resultant route into your GPS. Your GPS will then show you your refueling exits in realtime during your attempt, allowing you to take your time quicklySM.

Generate Gas Stop List

Generate a list of suggested gas stops in a few easy steps. Then customize the list to fit your particular plans.

Choose map width
  • 800 pixels
  • 1024 pixels
  • 1152 pixels
Choose starting coast
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • San Diego, CA
Enter max interval between gas stops
Choose between 80 and 350 miles
  • miles
Highlite route in blue
  • draw line along route
  • map