HWY 50
Lonliest Road in America

A biker friend recommended I ride US 50 "the Lonliest Road in America" on my way back home from Sunnyvale, CA to Athens, AL. The western most terminus is Sacromento, CA. Its 3037 miles to the Ocean City, MD. The 8 lane super slab morphed into a twisty dual lane as I crossed the Sierra-Nevada mountains.

The Loneliest Road in Amarica signs began outside of Carson City, NV along US 50. I bought a Highway 50 Survival Guide and headed out on the highway looking for adventure. For most of the trip thru Nevada I saw no traffic in either direction. My motorcycle windshield was able, however to find the solitare bug in the state of Nevada! One has to stop for a photo-op of their steel pony in front of the ghostly remains of a Pony Express Station. For the rest of the day I had this eerie fealing I was being shadowed.

At the Utah-Nevada border was a solitare filling station. In front of the station was a next services 83 miles sign. I topped off my tank even tho I had more than 87 miles left. It was a good thing. All the stations in the next town were closed as it was Sunday in Utah. Fill at the pump you say? Well my gas card was swiped out. I had made many purchases within a short (<150 miles) distance of each other . So the credit card company figured it was stolen and disabled it. I could go inside and use it, just not at the pump. I guess they figure I would be on their survailance tape when I came inside. Anyway it was 176 miles from the UT/NV border until I found a filling station with a human attendent. I was worried as my Heritage Softail only has a 4.2 gallon capacity. Riding 55 realy does save on gas...

Further east into Utah, US50 merges with I70 for a while. In front of the filling stations at the juction is a next services 109 miles sign. The pavement is still pretty lonely as it cuts sweeping serpentine curves in its journey thru the canyons.

US50 split with I70 before it headed out over the rocky mountains. It crested the rocky mountains at Monarch Pass altitude 11,312 ft. I looked eastward towards home from the parking lot and thought, its all downhill from here.

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